Friday, July 19, 2013

Looking Up

Ever since I was in college I have been dabbling with astrology, not seriously, just as entertainment.  I understood most of the sun signs and what they stood for, and it has always been fun to match people with their signs.

This all changed when I landed in Whitefish and started getting to know a few real students of the soul.  This small mountain town has some of the wisest people I have encountered in my life; running shops, building houses, running farms, and doing life on many different dimensions.  With this group of friends and colleagues, I have learned the beauty of astrology and developed the curiosity to know more.  It has not been easy, for I am not a scientist by nature, nor a mathematician (if you were to ask my dad or my 9th grade teacher!).  Yet the more I learn about the planets and what energies they hold, and how they influence the other planets and the earth, the more I see the connections.

I am a scanner by nature and a collector of pieces of wisdom… I am sort of the packrat of bizarre information.   I entertain myself with putting odd pieces together and pulling information from them.  Astrology fits right in there.   I watch the Sol Lunar tables for the best times to fish, the tides and the moon cycles.  I play attention to Facebook and what my friends are experiencing, and what is posted.  I watch people in the grocery store and notice who is smiling, who is in pain, who has joy, and what they have in their grocery baskets.  I pay attention to the news.  And then I read the astrological insights for each week and I see the patterns.  I see the influences at work and I put them together with the outer actions of the world around me.  Most times I feel the connection of all things, and yet sometimes I feel like the crazy woman seeing the undercurrents when no one else seems to see them. 

As a coach, gently, I put these connections out there to start building awareness.  I post some stuff on Facebook.  I bring the weekly influences into my sessions and bring to awareness how they might be influencing the situation we are discussing, and I try to introduce the concept that there are influences in our world, our lives, our energies, that are bigger than we know and truly understand.  We have information presenting itself to us each day in the sky, by the layout of the planets and alignments, by the squares and trines, and there is information there that can make life so much easier and more fun. 

Richard Tarnas say that the heavenly bodies show us the big picture but don’t cause it.  I would add that once we can open our curiosity to this kind of big picture, there is all sorts of information there to guide us.  All we need to do is look up. 

Enjoy the stars, the planets, and the beautiful Full Moon this Sunday!
Peace exists there.

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