Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tibetan Bowls

Last Friday night I participated in a group session using ancient Tibetan bowls.  Bill Cael, the bowl master, comes to Whitefish a couple of times a year with his bowls and holds these amazing healing sessions.  In preparation for the bowls, we were asked to set our intentions.  We were asked to let go of something, and to set the intention for what we want to allow and create.  We shared these with the group, and then laid down to open to the bowls.

The first session was a little over an hour long, with all of the bowls playing at different times, sending out deep, old vibrations to open and realign us.  I paid attention and followed the pace of the bowls for a while, and as my body felt liquefied and non existent, my mind held on as long as it could, my ego striving to keep me present in the room and not surrendering to the bowls.  Then Bill played this ancient 15 inch bowl and the resonance from that bowl hit my cheek bones and the vibration lifted top of my head off and I was gone, completely surrendered to the cosmos and all that was possible.

When he completed this first part of the evening, it took our group a long time to re-gather ourselves back into our bodies and become aware of the room and those around us.  We all agreed that something really deep took place in the room with these new bowls.  Next, we each had an opportunity to lie down and do an individual healing with two large bowls on either side of our heads and one on a chakra that presented itself for the work.  For me, it was my second chakra, where my hips have been tight and I have felt restricted in aligning my body with my intention to move forward.

At the end of the evening we were asked to be gentle with our bodies and limit our access to technology and music with lyrics, and film…all those components that have influence over us.  It was necessary to honor the process of the bowls and allow integration to take place.  I was told it could take a couple of days because of the power of the two large bowls.  Good advice, necessary advice…. and for me, by Saturday morning it was apparent that I needed more time to integrate and it was important to get out in nature and separate myself from the hum and buzz of our busy mountain town in full tourist season!

Ted and I loaded up the truck and took off to Little Terriault, a high mountain lake up north only 30 miles from the Canadian border.  We spent two peaceful nights camping at the edge of a shallow clear lake under the tall evergreens, protected by a magnificent rock formation on the side of the mountain peak, basking in the almost full moon of Saturday and Sunday nights.  Between the sacred geometry and balanced encoding of nature, and the moon rays of the evenings, I aligned back into my body. 

Now, almost five days since the bowl healing, I am re-gathering still, yet in new form, knowing the old me, and this new me is here, scrubbed clean and ready to move forward.
The bowls were a magnificent gift, delivered to all of us up here in Northwest Montana during the time of the Grand Trine and the Full Moon.  I can only hope each of you has an opportunity to work with the bowls at some time in your life….they are life changing and bring the soul to the surface so beautifully. 

Peace to all.


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