Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Power of Leisure


With all the enormous energies colliding over this last week, the full Sagittarius moon, a lunar eclipse, and several severe solar flares predicted, it made sense to seek the peace and quiet of the mountains in Montana.  There, up in Polebridge, nestled along the North Fork River and the magnificence of the Glacier Park mountains, we spent an extended holiday weekend inviting leisure in. 

We placed our little trailer under a grove of Aspens so we could hear and feel the presence of nature.  We listened to the rushing flow of the spring run off in the river, and we let the birds tell us the time of day.  We slept till we were rested.  We read and played dice inside when it rained.  We hiked along a pristine lake.  We sat in front of the local mercantile and sipped tea and dabbled in pastries, and allow our bodies tell us what was necessary.  We invited leisure to guide us.

There is magic in unplugging from our daily schedules and letting nature recalibrate us.  The sacred geometry of the leaves, the trees, the clouds, and all that was surrounding us was there to hold us and help us shift into ourselves, a form of surrender.  And what glorious surrender this last weekend was for us!  On Saturday evening the little restaurant and bar had eight musicians blending their gifted skills out on the front porch, sending soft vibrations of beautiful notes out into the ethers, and they played tirelessly for hours.  There were people gathered all around on picnic tables, sitting on the rail fences.  Children and dogs wandered around, moving with the music.  The light of the waning day brightened up the scene and the colors of the sunset showed on the faces of the musicians.   The feeling present was that of complete contentment.

Whether we do this form of surrender at home or escape to a place where nature is fully present, it is a gift to our souls to honor what is needed….what is necessary…to give ourselves the space and time to uncoil the overlays of our outer lives and let our souls breathe for a while.  Let our souls breathe long enough to feel natural and free again.  Then we can take that rebalanced presence back into our daily world and use it to anchor us into being.

As we enter this summer, let leisure guide you, inform you.  Let leisure in nature recalibrate you.  It is powerful.   


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