Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's talk about feelings...

For years and years now there have been constant reminders to move from our heads to our hearts as we walk through life.  This has made sense to some, and yet, for many of us, this has been an illusive goal.  Our reliance on creating from our minds has served us well over the last few generations (or so it seemed) and letting go of the idea of being able to figure things out has made the transition from the head to the heart more difficult.   I had to let go of something I knew, something I could depend on, and open to what it really means to come from the heart….which was unknown to me. 

As a baby boomer, there is an entire industry of self help books and programs aimed at teaching us the skills to quiet the mind in the areas of inner simplicity, de-cluttering the mind and creating stillness, deepening into mindfulness, and the “Zen” of living.  All aimed at helping us learn the tools to go inward instead of being dependent on the outer forms of life.  As a self help junkie since the 1980’s I have collected many of these books and read them.  I have purchased guided meditations, gone to weekend retreats, and even taught others what I have been learning along the way.  The process of quieting the mind was working to a degree, yet the transition to the heart was still mostly vague to me.

I had the gift of a true spiritual guide appear in my life a few years ago.  She taught the concept of allowing us to feel, to seek out our feelings above all else.  I struggled with this and for months and months I would use the phrase, the F word…You know, the word FEEL, because it was difficult to allow this part of me to emerge and become present in my day and I would often become frustrated nurturing this new way of being into a way of life.  Yet I hung in there and kept learning the value of how to feel, to really feel.

Last year, in the few months before December, there was a barrage of very good teachers and guides, offering essays, blogs, and simple steps for awareness of what was possible with the approaching Shift.  I prepared throughout the year for what could be possible, I read most of what could be found and took it on, like the junkie I know myself to be!  Yet this work was different.  This work was specifically aimed at opening the heart, and opening ourselves up to our feelings….empowering our emotions… allowing our emotions to transition into feelings in the body.  

It was there, this awareness of how to connect through our feelings, that I learned how to feel the presence of myself in my body, to feel my heart, and to learn to trust what I felt, over what I thought.  I began to see my mind as an over active computer most of the time, spewing all sorts of data out there to guide, educate and inform, and holding onto much of the old histories and stories, much of what I was emotionally ready to release.  As I deepened my skills, went after my feelings, I could feel the rigidness of my mind, and I could contrast it with the softness and compassion exuding from my heart.  I was learning how to let my heart guide me….finally.

Now, as we have passed the mid mark of the year, there are signs all over our country, all over the world, of people awakening to the feelings of their hearts and following these feelings.  Yes!  There is an awakening going on, out on the planet, simultaneous to the awakening I finally discovered within myself. 

We are no longer separated from ourselves.  The ability to match a creative idea or concept to a feeling within the body has bridged the separation we have all experienced between what we think and what we feel.  Opening to the surrender of an emotion, and the sensations within our bodies, allows the emerging feelings to release us from the repetitive thought patterns that have restricted us from truly living.  Accepting all the different forms of feelings has opened us up from the limited 3D world and provided the access to the many additional dimensions possible.  Feelings… these are the transition portals into a way of living in the moment, seeing the possibilities, and detaching from the rigidity of how we exist, into how we create life in a new way.  Feelings have offered us freedom…Freedom to grow and expand.

My dear aunt is in her early eighties and she is on her computer all the time, reading and tracking what is out there.  I spoke with her the other day and she told me her favorite quote for last week.   “Don’t believe everything you think.”  I agree, and I would add, believe everything you feel.

The lyrics to the Avicii song Levels….
I get a good feeling
It’s a feeling that I’ve never, never had before!

Enjoy your feelings,


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