Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Quantumness of Being

Many of us have been curious about the ongoing changes taking place on Earth since the Shift of 2012.  With an anticipatory curiosity, some of us spent the last couple of years learning how to step beyond the third dimension physically and became more comfortable with the multidimensional energy of quantum time and space.   Others are learning now to see what is behind the veil of this 3D world.  And some are just starting to get curious.

There are tools and skills to help lift some of the limitations of our five main senses, encourage development of our intuition, learn how to access our hearts, and step into the quantumness of being.  Here are a couple of tools I use in my coaching to work specifically with nurturing our relationship with the soul and expanding into the multidimensionality of the universe. 

This first tool is really good for those of us with chatty, overactive brains that are not always easy to quiet.  In order to communicate directly with your soul and cut through the chattiness, you teach your soul to bypass the brain and talk to you through your body.  You teach your body the simplicity of communicating an intuitive Yes or a No. 

Start by standing next to a chair or wall and steady yourself.  Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, feel your feet on the ground, and ask your brain to help you out.  Set the intention of communicating directly to your deepest presence and ask for guidance.  Ask your body to show you what a Yes feels like.  Sink down into your body and let go of any perceived answer, let your body show you.  Pay attention… Do you fall forward, to the right, to the left, or backwards? For me, I tilt forward for Yes.  Once you've discovered your body’s answer, test it out a few times with a few simple questions to make sure you can feel the tipping feeling naturally in your body as you ask them.  Do this process again to find out how your body gives you a No answer. 

Now that you know how your soul/heart speaks to you through your body, it is essential to ask the question without judgment or limitations.  I state my questions by saying “Is it in my highest interest to ____________?”  The more specific you are with this question, the easier it is to feel the answers.  Start with simple ones like what to eat, what movie to see, who to hang out with, then move onto more difficult questions when you can feel a mental attachment or stubbornness taking over.  For example, when I know there is a difficult conversation coming up with someone, I can create a flurry of scenarios that take me into the drama and cause me to procrastinate having the conversation.  Checking in with my body gives me an opportunity to cut through the drama and uncover the real issue to be discussed.  The conversation becomes clean and clear.

Learning to incorporate this tool into your daily life can have so much value.  It is like having a cheat sheet of how to live authentically available to us at all times.  Do you remember when you were little and played the game Marco Polo in a swimming pool?  You would keep your eyes closed and try to figure out where everyone was in the pool.  By shouting out Marco, all you had to do was wait to hear the answer, adjust your direction and start moving towards who you targeted.  Using the Yes and No process is the same.  Am I on the right path?  Is this in my highest interest?  If there is a Yes, proceed.  It is that simple and wonderful.

The second key tool is also working with your body as a conduit for information.  This is a good tool to use when there is doubt or the need to get past what we “think” we know and get a glimpse of the bigger picture.  This gets you past what you understand in the 3D world and opens you up to the quantumness of the whole story.

Start again with your feet firmly grounded, take a few deep breaths and ask your body to open up and listen, really listen to the question and respond.  Then ask the question to the deepest part of your remembering, and wait for the answer.  When the answer comes, it is usually a shiver up the back and sometimes up the neck into the back of the head.  THAT is a confirmation.

Here is an example of how this tool has worked for me.   My boyfriend and I were chatting the other day about my mom.  He has the magnificent way of seeing her; he loves her energy and understands her far more than I could even hope to understand her, even as her daughter.  When I asked him what his connection is with my mother, he pushed it off, diminished the idea of anything different than “normal”, and told me everyone knows how to connect.  And, the next thing he asked was why? Why does he feel so strongly about her?  I asked him if we could do a quick exercise… to close his eyes, ground himself, and would he please listen with all his heart to a question I would ask and would he tell me what he felt in his body in response.  I then asked him if my mother is part of his soul family and had he spent other lifetimes with her?  He listened intently, and a shiver ran up his spine, and his eyes filled with tears.  Yes.  He said yes, he had.  As he said this, he just glowed from within.  He opened up for a brief moment, he saw what was possible. 

Then, as quickly as he opened up, his mental process kicked in again, and he went back into doubt and wanted to know how this was possible, how he could know that…..etc. He dropped back into the relentless questioning that so many of us do when we are in doubt. 

It is at this time that it is good to immediately go back to the first tool and let the Yes and No processes guide you away from doubt and keep pursuing the AHA you just experienced.  This will help you trust your intuition and build a new way of understanding the quantumness of all things.  As you communicate with your soul through your body and feel the sensation of your body leaning and answering, you learn to trust the answer and your truth.  You open to the guidance of your soul.  You are in a beautiful relationship with your soul.

This is a way, an opportunity to access more information.  We go below the surface of what we see without our physical five main senses and ask at a deeper quantum and soul level. 
Stepping out beyond what is known…this is an adventure…this is a quantumness of being.

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