Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Consciously Manifesting

The concepts of manifesting have been around for along time, and most of us grew up with the financial ideas of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, the motivational approach of focused on Fake It Till You Make It, and the spiritual principles of The Law of Attraction.  All are good tools to use when exploring manifesting, yet, as we progress through the year of 2013, we are being asked to move out of our heads into our hearts.  We are being asked to release the idea of creating what we want from our thinking and believing mental perspective.  The process of releasing our dependence on our mental manifesting requires a great deal of discipline and effort for most of us.  The old ways of imagining, concentrating, holding the intention, and bringing to manifest does work, but it is difficult work. 

There are easier ways.  When approaching manifesting from the heart, we transition from form and what we can see, touch, and mentally trust, into energy. This is very different.  We are bringing consciousness into our manifesting.  By dropping into our hearts we can let go of what it looks like, or what form it takes, it is inviting what we would like to manifest to present itself to us. We let go of confining our wants into form.  We drop into how it feels to create what we desire, how it feels to see it as already present, and allow the energy of the full experience to hold within us. By doing this, we co-create what we would like to manifest.  We align our hearts and our essence together and the energy is so much more powerful than what we can do with simply our minds.  We are now fully connected.

By offering ourselves in alignment with the universe, we call to what we want to manifest and the energy begins to line up with us to provide.  We are that powerful, we are that significant.  We are that good at manifesting.

It is just switching from one tool to another …and we all know that we often stubbornly stick to what we know and feel comfortable with, instead of spending the time to get to know a new method or new tool that take some training!

This is a cool new tool that works effortlessly once we get the hang of it.  Think of the story of Harry Potter and how strange it felt to him to learn how to use his magical wand.  Then, month after month, year after year, it became a part of him and he was able to grow and mature in how he used it.

Manifesting is not something to struggle with.  It is a surrender and release into our hearts and allowing ourselves to feel what we want and desire, and trust that it is already happening.  Feel, trust, and create….the redefined words for 2013.

So, set some time aside over the next few days and allow your mind to soften and drop into your heart and imagine what is possible from that spot and see what happens.

Many blessings.


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